Supermoon or Superscary?

One night when I was a kid, I looked through my brother’s telescope. A bright blob appeared in front of my eyeball. At the very same moment, I jumped. Jumped like when you double-jump on on a trampoline and you think your legs are about to fucking bend the opposite way they’re supposed to and that your body will catapult into the neighbour’s yard that is also your weird piano teacher’s yard and instead of her calling 9-1-1, she decides to drag you into the house and keep you locked up inside, Flowers in the Attic, style… and anyway, I saw the moon through the telescope and it scared the fuck out of me.

Ever since then, I have trouble looking at the moon. I mean, it’s hilarious. I can sometimes handle it if someone is with me, but typically, I just avoid looking directly at it. Same with satellite maps. Can’t do it. Freaks me out every time.

So it’s a new goddamn year, so let’s do something new. Last night there was a supermoon. Super frightening. But fuck it, I thought. I set up my tripod and camera out on the balcony and took a bazillion pictures of the damn moon. It freaked me the fuck out with every click. The lens didn’t always focus immediately so the moon would zoom in and out in the viewfinder.

I’d like to say I’m over my fear of the moon, but I don’t think that happened… but I did get some cool photos.

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