The Runs

After running the Fall Classic back in November, I was ready to test the ol’ knees in January for my first race of 2018.

When I ran the Fall Classic, I didn’t fret over it too much. I hadn’t been running a lot; I just wanted to get out there and be part of the action – my first go at a race since I injured my knee running the BMO 8K in 2016. I worked with my trainer for a year to strengthen my hips, hammies, core, and most importantly: my booty. That race went fine, I was out of breff for most of it and that was cool. My time was around 42 min. I was pleased more with the free post-race pizza, than my performance. [I ate pizza with pineapple on it, it was so tasty. But please know that normally, pineapple on pizza is the wrongest.]

The FC kicked-off a desire to add a couple of runs per week to my exercise schedule and when the Chilly Chase rolled around, I wanted to run it sub 40. I used to run 5Ks in the 33-35 min. range, so this 40 business was humbling fo sho.

Leading up to the race, I was low-key nervous all week, but didn’t realize how the anxiety was on my back until I crossed the finish line. Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is! In this case, the plop, plop was not antacid, rather it was me, plodding my way along the sea wall in the steady rain. All that fizzing was me after I crossed the finish line, feelin’ fine with myself, that (according to my Garmin) I achieved my sub 40 goal. Barely, but I’d done it.

My first thought after crossing the finish line was that I could’ve run stronger, pushed myself more. I had plenty of energy post-race, when historically, I am spent, no matter the distance. This was huge for me; I knew that my year-long training had paid off, my booty and leg muscles were feeling strong and that I was ready to take on a formal running schedule.

This week, I dug up a few of my old 10k training plans and registered for the Vancouver Sun Run (a 10k.) Tomorrow is my first day of training with a goal of running 3x/week. I am scared shitless of fucking up my knees again so my plan is to be easy on myself and not overdo it, just to say I did my three days. I can always swim for a little cross-training action. Currently, I swim 1x/week, but can easily bump that business up to twice per week.

The Sun Run is special to me, because it marks the anniversary of when I moved to Vancouver from Calgary. I’ve run it almost every year since 2011; the exceptions being 2017 (injured) and 2014 (ran BMO Half.)

So I thank you knees, booty, et al. for getting me through the first steps of 2018!


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