About Moi and this Blog

Let’s see… I am a birder and bird photographer, well, a nature photographer I suppose. I love taking pictures of birds (natch!) and just about anything I find to be beautiful in the outdoors. I’m also a volunteer with the Wildlife Rescue Association of BC.

I’m the daughter of a horticulturist and have picked up the gene! Gardening is one of my favourite past times and very rewarding for me. It is self-care of the highest form.

Over the past year or so I’ve started watercolour painting and weaving wall hangings. Both of these activities relax me to max. I’ve taken a couple of custom orders and hope to do more in the future.

This blog is for me to ramble on about all these things and more. I’m also a runner, swimmer, and sometimes get my butt to the gym. Mental and physical health are important to me and are something I strive maintain. Neither have been easy for me over the years.

I also love dogs, cats, books, and horror movies… so yeah, that stuff too.