The Runs

The Runs

After running the Fall Classic back in November, I was ready to test the ol’ knees in January for my first race of 2018. When I ran the Fall Classic, I didn’t fret over it too much. I hadn’t been running a lot; I just wanted to get out there and be part of the [...]

The Seawall 18

I think I've figured out the actual number of lanes needed on the seawall to accommodate everyone, happily: One - two walkers Three - six-plus walkers shoulder-to-shoulder who wouldn't move an inch even if the Pope needed to pass. Runners Smokers: cigarette, cigar, and the green (I can see each group lobbying for their own lane.) [...]

The Gym

I went to the gym today. Kind of a big deal for me as a runner person. Runner people often just run and do not go to the gym. Why? Because the gym! Just no thank you. There aren't trees and dogs and sunsets and sunrises and runner people friends and sudden rainstorms and Canadian geese and [...]